Delivery – “Baader Meinhof”

Another short-format Aussie band makes good with a debut and this one’s buzzing with an ecstatic synth-punk glee. Melbourne’s Delivery have already put a couple of great EPs under their name and its great to see that they now have an album on the way from a cadre of labels. Issued on Spoilsport in AUS, Feel It in the US with a cassette of demos on the always excellent Anti-Fade. The first single from the band captured everything that the band gets right — a growl of guitars, gang vocal shout outs and the best storm of synths since School Damage was hogging the turntable around here. The single tackles Frequency Illusion, a rather increasing instance in our ever-saturated reality. Gotta love the Aussies for quick wit and punk that leaves a bruise on the brain. “Baader Meinhof” is as insistent as any of their previous singles, feeling like a good omen for their upcoming album Forever Giving Handshakes. The nre record is out November 11th.

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