David West – “Poet Of My Dreams”

One of the highlights of 2017 was David West’s third solo slate, Cherry On Willow. West’s bands shift focus, from the indie pop pounce of Rat Columns, the post-punk austerity of Rank/Xerox, and the synth pop buzz of Lace Curtain. On his solo albums West Tends to incorporate a bit of all of these impulses, to great effect and Cherry On Willow wound a buzzing delight as a result. He launches us into the album’s follow-up Jolly in the Bush, with the power pop sighs of “Poet of My Dreams.” Hewing closer to his recent Rat Columns cuts, the song fizzes until the two-minute mark when brittle guitar shards puncture the pop-perfect balloon. The new album is out March 4th from his often-time home at Tough Love. Check the house-show home vid leaning clip for the song above.

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