Color Green – “So Far Behind”


Pretty excited to see this one pop up yesterday. Los Angeles’ Color Green put out a truly promising EP last year and I’ve been waiting for any new crumbs ever since. The band releases a new single that burns away a bit of their Summer haze, the slide-coated cooler “So Far Behind.” While the faded photo finish isn’t as strong as it was in the past, the pair’s easy rapport remains — gliding on seabreeze strums and saltwater harmonies. Also interesting to see that the great David Nance had a hand in this one, sharing a writing credit on the single, never a bad mark of quality there. The West Coast feeling is thick here and as they ramp up for a full length on the way, and a follow-up single promised in the near future, this is the permanent oasis that you need to melt away the goddamn chill that’s caked around December.

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