Cole Pulice – “If I Don’t See You in the Future, I’ll See You in the Pasture”


The last few outings from Cole Pulice have been wrapped in a wondrous fog, navigating the mists of ambient, jazz, and kosmiche climates. For their latest, Pulice offers up an entry into Longform Editions’ excellent series of one-off works, letting the listener into a world of nebulous tones that reverberate around lonesome cries of cotton-cocooned sax. Like all of the works in the series Cole’s is a single track that finds them working towards a specific mood. “If I Don’t See You In The Future, I’ll See You In The Pasture,” grew out of an improvisation from the Drone Not Drones Festival, reflecting the grief, loss, and the interconnectedness of memory — an eternal ache that spans both past and future. The piece is representative of the constant beauty that’s been entwined in Cole’s work over the last few years. Don’t miss on this entry into their essential catalog.

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