Chime School – “It’s True”


There’s just something so immediate about Chime School’s “It’s True.” Honestly the whole record is the kind of album that makes you sit bolt upright in a chair and rededicate yourself to indie pop. With a fizzing beat beneath it and a somersault of guitar, the song tumbles out of the speakers with a fervent glee. It would almost feel rushed, practically tripping over its feet to get enough of its sugar rush riffs out of the amps, but instead its just winds up a whirlpool whip of fun. Like a toddler spinning until the dizziness takes hold, or the sound of sunshine coating the back of the brain, it leaves everything in its wake disorienting and warm. The minute that the song slips from view, there’s an urge to just slip the needle back to the beginning and let it all collapse into bliss. The S/T record is out November 5th from Slumberland.

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