Body/Dilloway/Head – “Goin’ Down”


Another entry into the Three Lobed 20th Anniversary series hits today and it’s got some big names attached. Body/Head (Kim Gordon, Bill Nace) collide with the carved soundscapes of Aaron Dilloway, himself just off of a great collab record this year with Lucrecia Dalt, to form Body/Dilloway/Head. The record expands on both parties’ improvisational approaches. Gordon and Nace lay down serpentine spirals of guitar before being thrown into the gummed vortex of Dilloway’s sonic squall. For the assembled players, the first taste is actually quite calm, exuding mists and a low tectonic ache, but it’s clear that the player’s aren’t going soft, merely channeling their menace and anxious energy into an uneasy solitude. The record arrives November 19th, and as with this whole 20th series its an essential pickup for Three Lobed fans and drone scrapers everywhere.

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