Boduf Songs – “Gimme Vortex”


It feels like Boduf Songs has been haunting the periphery of Raven since the site began. After the doubleshot of Mat Sweet’s Kranky debut and the great Lion Devours The Sun the artist has continued to hang in the pillowy dark recesses of folk for years. Now, following up on 2015’s Stench of Exist he announces his latest moment of quiet anguish, Abyss Versions, an album that recalls those first two landmark albums in its ashen delivery. The first cut to clear the speakers is “Gimme Vortex,” a creeping folk song that sucks the oxygen out of the room like a siphon. Sweet creates a slow-motion whirlpool of haunted despair and it’s just as affecting as he’s ever been, with a slight curl of electronic interference and the echoed ghosts of jazz brushing by the ears over its run. The album is out October 4th via Orindal Records.

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