Billy Tibbals – “Onwards and Upwards / Lucy”


That crack crew over at Curation slip out one more nugget of joy before the doors close on 2022 for good. With their coffers already full to brimming with psych, jam, and country, they go in for one more round on the West Coast power pop, sliding this single in nicely alongside labelmates Uni Boys. In fact the single was produced by the Boys’ Reza Matin, and it shares a love for the soft-punch punk that the Uni’s wrap themselves in — picking up nods to Milk n’ Cookies, The Quick, Advertising, and Colors. The A-side bolts out of the speakers with a crispness that demands attention. Whistle-clean guitars and dreamboat harmonies propel “Onwards and Upwards,” feeling like a single-out of time, a yellow pill lost on the bathroom floor. The flip is a bit softer, but with a silken step and sense of drama that puts this squarely in the Sparks camp. Not a bad first impression if you ask me. The band is releasing this one before they hit the road, taking Hollywood glam on the lamb to your town soon.

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w/ Mac Saturn
January 24 Cincinnati, OH
January 25 Cleveland, OH
January 27 Washington D.C.
January 28 Hartford, CT
January 29 Boston, MA
January 31 Portland, ME
February 1 Burlington, VT
February 2 Philadelphia, PA
February 4 New York, NY
February 5 Albany, NY
February 7 Montreal, QC
February 8 Toronto, ON
February 9 Buffalo, NY
February 16 Indianapolis, IN
February 17 St. Louis, MO
February 18 Lawrence, KS
February 19 Oklahoma City, OK
February 21 Dallas, TX
February 22 Houston, TX
February 23 Austin, TX
February 25 New Orleans, LA
February 27 Nashville, TN
February 28 Atlanta, GA
March 2 Charleston, SC
March 3 Charlotte, NC
March 14 Madison, WI
March 15 Minneapolis, MN
March 17 Wichita, KS
March 18 Colorado Springs, CO
March 20 Tucson, AZ
March 22 Los Angeles, CA
March 23 San Francisco, CA
March 25 Seattle, WA
March 26 Vancouver, BC
March 27 Portland, OR

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