Ayal Senior

In the first of two guitar forward reviews today, Canadian songwriter and fingerpicked folk purveyor Ayal Senior (Sacred Lamp, 3 Day Band) expands upon themes that were present on his previous album Az Yashir. Along with a deep bench of collaborators from the North, Senior crafts an album that’s grounded in roots and blues but leads the listener towards much more cosmic places. Senior invites his live lineup into the studio, with Kurt Newman (Dun-Dun Band) on pedal steel, Andrew Furlong on bass, and Jay Anderson (Badge Époque Ensemble, Stonegrass) behind the kit. The group ably transforms Senior’s folk forms into psych-laden trysts that burn with joy, jubilation, and a touch of cinder and smoke.

There’s tenderness among the assembled tracks, a morning light on “Freddy’s Children,” and the soft caress of country from Newman’s steel on “Book of Ancient Insults,” but among the most sanguine moments there’s still a sense of smoldering coal in Senior’s playing. The fuzz is always underneath, waiting for the clouds to gather and the spark to ignite. Ora winds up a perfect companion piece to Az Yashir, and another solid signal out of the Canadian cosmic scene.

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