Ash & Herb – In Now Time Vol. 4


A new live release from Ash & Herb gives a peek into the workings for an upcoming album, Dome Cookbook. The latest in their In Now Time series (vol. 4) presents the duo’s set from the recently streamed Million Tongues Festival, the Chicago-based gathering organized by Plastic Crimewave’s Steve Krakow. The set / cassette pushes the band’s sound much closer to the choogled sweet spot from their “Salt Lick” single, a personal fave, that shows up in the running order here alongside as a groove-riddled exploration of Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane’s “Earth.” The cover is a prime example of the pair’s ability to explore themes within the context off others’ work as they’ve done before with “On The Beach.” Most exciting, though, might be the new material slated for the as yet undated new album, with “Heavy Cream” latching onto a chugging drum shuffle with cosmic radiation splattered on top from Matt and Ash. The last track, “Lay It All Down,” hews closer to Brooks’ recently released Temple of the Roses, an ethereal psych-folk cut that sparkles with keys and vocals that float away like dander in the wind. Notably omitted from this is the band’s usual exploration of their live/ Now Time staple “Skull Rock,” but with the promise of new material on the horizon, this is an exciting primer of things to come.

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