Ash & Herb – “Ascension Tea”


This weekend saw a few great droplets of psych seep out into the ether after hours. In insular times the vibes emanating off of the Flower Room camp are definite essentials, and word that Ash & Herb have a new one out is well received around here. Though I’d been looking forward to some more slow-shucked boogie cookers like the band’s last single, the sunlit ashram psych of “Ascension Tea” is a welcome unwind as well, though it sounds like from the album description that the former may be in order as well. Matt Lajoie is just off of a shimmering solo LP, so its amazing to see that his duo with partner Ash Brooks has this much quality quiver on hand already. That pair never sleeps and when they do its certainly laced with the kind of hallucinogenic dreams that this cut conjures. The new album is on the way shortly, May 22nd, in digital and tape form. Get it marked on the calendars and if you aren’t already, keep Flower Room on your radar as they’ve been doing some great live sessions and the constant stream of meditation fodder flower out of that corner is ambitious to say the least.

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