Alex Bleeker – “La La La”


Got a new one that swings at the sunset pretty damn nicely. Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker has had a solid solo hustle over past few years — sometimes with The Freaks and sometimes simply under his own name. This one falls under the latter and sees the songwriter slide into the Night Bloom roster for his new LP Heaven On The Faultline. Bleeker’s always had the most cosmic connotations of any of the Estate solo jaunts, and that deep sway Cosmic Americana vibe is on full display on “La La La.” The record often finds him lounging in a sea-cooled West Coast calm, jangles edging up to the borders of twang, but never quite tumbling into country territory. The song (and admittedly a great deal of the album) shares some space with newfound indie jam pockets like Pacific Range, Hurt Valley, and Arbor Labor Union. The last album hit some Workingman’s and Big Pink touchstones and they haven’t abated in the interim. The new LP is out March 5th.

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