Usurabi – “再び出会う、世界の外で (Meet again, outside of the world) ”


November’s proving a great time to pick up on a lot that was missed during the year, and with the oncoming glut of year-end lists and a year so packed with music, it’s undoubted that the well of overlooked gems is gonna grow. This one came out back in June on French imprint An’archives. The second album from Japan’s Usurabi blends woozy garage organs, soft guitar textures, and the lilting, dream-like vocals of Toshimitsu Akiko. With a touch of surf, a nod in the direction of Galaxie 500, and a rhythmic charm that keeps songs bouncing around the brain for a few rotations, the band’s Outside of the World is worth tracking down. The opener is a bit more raucous that the rest of the record, but even with a bit of the dream stripped away, the band still sounds lost in their own haze. “Meet Again, Outside of the World” rides a wave of bass and organ splashed with echoes of guitar, Akiko’s vocals wafting from breeze to breeze. The new album is out now, recommended for dreampop spelunkers and garage heads looking for a little bit of Opal in the new age.

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