The Oilies – “Biting The Sky”


As her songs are want to, another gem has slipped out almost unnoticed from Carly Putnam’s (The Mantles, Art Museums, The Reds Pinks and Purples) The Oilies. Atop a lightly simmering beat, Putnam drapes linen lines of guitar, airy and comfortable in the heat around her. Her vocals are buried, but not lost, peeking up through the pop din with a sly smile. The whole song is bathed in the cool humidity of evening – low lights, stillness, solitude, and the linger of longing driving the track home. She hit on great territory with this year’s “Psychic Dog” single, but this hints at a less jangled direction for her solo outings. The singles all feel like she’s finding her tone and working up to a larger statement, but coming along for the process has proven to be rewarding. This one is unclasped, but infectious all the same.

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