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It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had a Doozer record on the deck, at least since his 2012 Woodsist offering Keep It Together, but its great to see that the UK songwriter is still skirting the wilderness and letting the ripple work its way into his writing. Prior to that work I’d come upon The Doozer in connection with MV & EE, working some splits with the band that were released on a sublabel of Valentine’s Child of Microtones. In the interim between that Woodsist cut and now, Ben Kingsbury has been letting a few great records sneak out on Golden Lab and Feeding Tube, drenched in the spectre of Syd, Nick Garrie, and Kevin Ayers. Kingsbury’s songs tap the uncomfortable darkness of those artists, often creating folk works that wobble on poisoned organs, dancing about in a hazed delirium.

That’s not to say that all his works are dominated by fever dream fervor, though. When Ben finds moments of tenderness, his quietude amplifies the cloistered feeling of whispered secrets and down-matted comfort. With songs that feel transported through time, Kingsley creates odes to self-care, sadness, and the harried feeling of time slipping away faster than we can hold onto it. Getting into this one makes me want to deep dive the records I’ve missed in the past couple of years, and I’d recommend the same, but for now starting with the broken spirit sojourns on Convalescence is a good place to begin. Still looks like there are some over at Feeding Tube for the interested, released as a split with the excellent UK label Low Company.

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