The Buttertones – “Baby C4”


So The Buttertones have been lurking around for some time and always on my periphery, but I’ve chalked them up to the bin of bands that tick of a lot of my normal musical triggers but never seem to get it together in a way that excites me. I have to say, I’m making an exception for the first single off of their upcoming, Midnight in a Moonless Dream. “Baby C4” is coming on strong like a deleted Cramps outtake, if The Cramps had spent more time drinking with The B-52s. It’s not a rote bit of garage, but rather a snarling, slicked and flexing piece of rockabilly chocking down exhaust fumes and preening for a paycheck. I’m hoping this doesn’t end up an outlier on the new album, but rather an embrace of underbelly aesthetics that bite to scar.

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