Tennger – “Sairo”


I first heard Tengger in a release from the sorely missed Beyond Beyond is Beyond label. The band, based out of the South Korean highlands, retains their tether to the natural world on their latest album Earthling. Revolving around the family of Itto, Marquido and their son Raai, the group incorporates yearly pilgrimages and the natural surroundings of their home into the essence of their works. They craft pieces that are ambient yet soaring with gusts of synth, voice, harmonium, and toy instruments. “Sairo,” captures the mixture of the wondrous and spiritual inherent in their works quite nicely. With the river banks as backdrop the Korean-Japanese band soars through windswept textures and gossamer vocals, this time incorporating Raai into the group for the first time following his years dancing while his parents played. The new album was released for a short time digitally by the band, but now sees a proper physical release from Centripetal Force on October 21st.

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