Spiral Wave Nomads


Multi-state meetup, Spiral Wave Nomads have been on a tear with over last few albums. Starting with an eponymous LP in 2019, the duo of Eric Hardiman (Burnt Hills, Sky Furrows) and Michael Kiefer (More Klementines, Rivener) have continued to carve out their own corner of the cosmos through improv jams cured in incandescent guitars and tumbling rhythms. The band cuts deep into the curl on Magnetic Sky, letting themselves get lost in the rise and fall of guitar tension. The duo play off of one another with a measured grace that speaks to their years of timing and trust.

While the mentholated buzz stings and cools in equal measure the pair open up their formula to a few more facets than they have in the past. “Carrier Signals” flirts with a pastoral air, finding the band in more humid territory than ever before. “Rogue Wave” lets the tension go slack, exploring a kind of cosmic blues with nods to Loren Connors. Magnetic Sky works as a kind of culmination of what Spiral Wave Nomads have been building over the past few years. The record fills out a triptych of psychedelic scorch that cements the band as one of the region’s finest.

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