Sidney Sager and The Ambrosian Singers – Children of the Stones


This one is an amazing curio to say the least. Often cited as an inspiration for hauntology, latter day interest in pagan folk, and ritualistic texts like Weird Walk, the series Children of the Stones can’t be divorced from its haunting score. Up until now that score has not been available, but thanks to Tank Records, the creepy works of Sidney Sager and The Ambrosian Singers are here in gatefold vinyl alongside a loving art spread from Julian House. The score itself only consists of seventeen minutes of music, but the composers make those seventeen minutes count. Each small snippet of ghostly, choral works underscores the deepening well of madness that surrounds the show’s unfolding mystery.

The series itself is said to have been a core trauma for more than a few youngsters, echoing themes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Wicker Man, but aimed at an after school audience. The original series aired in 1977 in the UK and was re-run on a fledgling Nickelodeon when they were scrounging for programing in 1980, which puts it just out of my range of having been scarred by this on first viewing, but thankfully the full series is available on YouTube for those interested. The tone and temperament of the show is dark, and underpinned by the score of ghostly pagan voices permeating a town that shares a secret to happiness, it’s elevated beyond the realm of average children’s programming. The soundtrack is gripping to the point that just the opening chords can send chills down the spine. Paired with a cavernous sound and folk arrangements, the score is a must for those interested in the works of Finders Keepers, Ghost Box, or Miasmah. The LP was released in the UK last fall, but is just making its way here domestically now. I’d recommend a watch on the series for context, but the score is great fun on its own.

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