Seawind of Battery – “New Moon”

Very excited to see a new single out today from site favorite Seawind of Battery. “New Moon” comes with news in tow that a new album is on the way from songwriter Mike Horn. The first cut finds Horn pushing forward the sounds that were started on 2022’s Clockwatching, lulling the listener into a hypnotic headspace among repeated phrases and cavernous textures. Yet, the new song is also a leap forward, pushing the pastoral charms of his past work into new and more propulsive direction. “New Moon” finds Seawind’s swirl atop a steady beat, something that was primarily absent from Clockwatching. The single hits the listener like Achim Reichel reworking the Hired Hand Soundtrack. There’s a much bigger nod towards the German Progressives this time around, bringing Horn out of the shade and shadow and into a crisp new dawn. The upcoming album, East Coast Cosmic Dreamscaper, is out August 2nd from War Hen Records.

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