Ornament – “New Coat”


Nashville’s Ornament follow up their sterling debut with a new outing for Official Memorabilia that further expands on their mellow country-flecked pop. The A-side is amiable and centered, full of lush harmonies and bittersweet bite, but it’s on the flip that the band shines. “New Coat” pushes the Country to the forefront with a rollicking twang, some worn linen harmonica and an easygoing gait that’s as welcome as an afternoon beer. The band recounts a tale of what they’d do with found riches and it’s a homey and humble tale of blue-skied dreams. The single is produced by Cheap Time’s Jeffery Novak, last seen glam-stomping through the streets with Savoy Motel. Each new tidbit from these guys makes me want to hear what they’d do with a full length. Pullin’ for them, that’s for sure.

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