Mouth Painter – “Tropicale Moon”


Last month the new album from Mouth Painter entranced with the first single, “A Yardin’ I Once Went,” and their back in quick order with another languid n’ laced cosmic country strummer today. With more melted riffs from Barry Walker Jr and a hazed delivery from Valerie Osterberg, the song is more nebulous than the previous offering, seemingly radiating from the point where the sun meets the horizon. A gently loping beat, tussled and tumbled keeps the song going but its hard not to be entranced by the resplendent guitar work of Walker, who proves to be just as potent a country songwriter and he has been in the ambient realm. The new record is a triple split from Arrowhawk, Feeding Tube, and Cardinal Fuzz and it’s headed your way on September 3rd.

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