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The new slab from More Klementines has hit the speakers sweeping between molten ascension and cool water comedowns. The record starts out amp fried and kicking through the muck with the rhythmic grind of “Hot Peace.” The 14+ minute opener pairs atmospheric bells with jaw-locked guitars caught in a tempest of stuttering rhythms. The longform opener is a nice way to dip into Who Remembers Light, preparing listeners for a wormhole of sound that vaults us from cosmic rays to sub-Earth crust in a matter of moments, finding the common thrum between. The band rides the instrumental howl for the better part of the LP, locking into a more effusive tussle on the title track, but they offer up a surprising vocal single that’s got a bit of solo J Mascis in its blood, knotting blues into Cats Cradle shapes and staring at the stars.

Once the band is back into the fray, though, they leave their wist behind. The second side is slightly lighter in tone, but no less heady in spirit. “Who Remembers Light” laps at the speakers with an aqueous glow, like moonlight on the water. Small ripples of guitar ebb and flow in patient circles before the band kicks the whirlpool into motion, diving into the vortex with the moonlight casting eerie shadows against its churn. The album slides down to the horizon with “Ascension.” The song wobbles on its axis before falling into plumes of molten noise for a moment. It’s a nice wind down on the album’s incandescent glow.

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