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Another dip into the preserves for Matt Valentine. This records landed on the digital radar as a Bandcamp Friday release, but Feeding Tube have done us all the service of loading up a physical copy for those looking to surf the humidity once more. While there are some crossover damp chills with Wet Tuna, Matt takes this one further into the outer edges of the primordial brain. The record acts as a sound womb, drenched in dub, but moving further from the core of song that Valentine has usually traversed. Nebulous tones collide with the webbing of the mind, transporting vaporized sound in waves towards the slicked walls of the organ, vibrating at a resonant frequency that gets the grey matter grinding.

Mantras float through the haze. Squelch meets sweat and bonds into hybrid sounds. It’s easy to get lost. While the tracklist provides a guide, it’s more than natural to wander from the path of iridescent sounds that Matt conjures and delve into the deep tissue. Strums seem to peek through the veil on “THE LOOK I LOVE > WYDWYD > keep it COMin’,” a sort of sunrise on the fogged night of the first half, but there’s no true clarity in Galactic Ooze. Matt keeps the winds high and the turns constant. Parsing a single part of the Ooze is difficult, it’s the kind of record that once you’re in, you’re in ’til the end. MVP might not be for the psychedelic weekender, but if you’re locked on for the long haul and have run the grooves to the ground on copies of your Cosmic Jokers albums, I’d recommend letting the needle drop on this one.

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