London Odense Ensemble – “Casper’s Green”


El Paraiso offers up a perfect end to a chaotic week. The second installment from London Odense Ensemble is officially announced, following a peek into the workings of Jaiyede Sessions vol. 2 earlier in the fall with “Reflective Shapes.” Now the quintet, which finds players from London’s verdant jazz psych scene (saxophonist Tamar Osborn and keyboard player Al MacSween) linking up with the exploratory jazz contingent from the Danish label’s in-house crew (Causa Sui’s Jakob Skøtt and Jonas Munk, bass player Martin Rude) dive even deeper into the well they tapped this summer on Vol. 1. The offerings on the second set are shorter but send the listener into tighter vortices of sound. The tumultuous groove and cavernous ambience of “Casper’s Green” finds the Ensemble scraping away layers of cosmic crust and injecting it straight into the cerebellum. The new record is out in January from El Paraiso.

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