Kikagaku Moyo – “Nazo Nazo”


2018 is a banner year for new music, but I’d be hard pressed to say there are many releases that I’m as excited for as the upcoming LP from Kikagaku Moyo. The Tokyo band stunned with 2016’s House In The Tall Grass, and while their EP last year was a nice as tide-over seat filler, its looser experimental nature didn’t sate as a proper follow-up. Masana Temples arrives early next month to sooth fans longing for another long player from these guys, and it delivers absolutely. Let the latest single from the album, and its accompanying surrealist video prove the case.

“Nazo Nazo” hangs in the ether with a lycergic calm. The guitars drop like Mercury from above. They pool in the brain and waft a psychedelic chill down the spine. Its the band at their best and exemplifies the album’s detached cool. If this one isn’t already on your October pickup list, then this should change your mind.

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