Scicilian artist Gioele Valenti goes hard on the psychedelic touchstones for his sophomore album and Fuzz Club debut. Our Mother Was A Plant works conceptually on the idea that plant-based psychedelics open up a vital connection to the Earth, and that those not working to bridge that connection are cascading down a dangerous path towards social schisms and general degradation of the planet. He holds up the psilocybin surfers, ayahuasca enthusiasts and DMT time-shifters as those truly looking to commune and heal the rifts cut open by the majority of the world.

Whether or not you believe your trip is putting you one step closer to touching the root of the world tree remains to be seen, but JuJu has created heady, sweaty and psychedelic experience that’s a fun ride. Valenti pulls in a guest percussion from Capra Informis of Goat, and his hand adds a deft touch to the syncopated grind of Our Mother Was A Plant. Rhythm is the through line tying synth warbles, chugging bass, swooping guitar and spectral vocals to the rudder that guides JuJu through its acid soaked journey. Valenti is quite openly trying his hand at the faux African elements and German Progressive punchlines that permeate his kindred spirits in Goat, though he’s not mixing his appropriations as well as they seem to.

When he hits the right groove and drives it into darker territory, however, he’s peaking my interest more and more. This may not prove to be the psychic link to the dirt you’re looking for or he’s proposing it to be, but as far as psych is concerned its worth a listen for sure.

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