Jess Williamson – “Loretta / Texas River Song”

A nice little surprise single lands from Jess Williamson today. Skewing quite a bit more country than usual, and paying homage to her Texas roots, Williamson offers up a pair of covers close to the heart. Starting with Townes’ tender, bruised love song “Loretta,” she gives the song a bit of a vernal polish, rinsing a bit of the dust off of Van Zandt’s original. On the flip, she digs into a traditional classic, as first made famous by Irene Carlisle, and later by Townes as well. This one’s looser, a clear-skied ode that dances in the sunshine. It’s a nice shade on Jess — paring back her pop to its core and letting the country of her youth shine through. Both are up and available now on Bandcamp. Highly Recommended! 

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