Eve Maret – “Arc of Emotion”


Nashville composer Eve Maret offers up the first peek into her upcoming album Earth and Space. Stripping down the sound to a more minimal composure, “Arc of Emotion” finds the artist letting go of some of the more motorik elements of her past works in favor of space, ambience, and a ripply disorientation. The song yawns with a blissful facade that begins to slip as it descends into quietude towards the back half. With notes of The Caretaker creeping in at the edges, Maret’s latest pushes away from the Berlin nodes of sound and towards chorale and modern composition. She pairs the track with a patient video bathed in a silver glow. The new album is out November 11th as a collaboration between Cardinal Fuzz and Centripetal Force, as a part of the labels’ Altered States series.

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