Elkhorn – “North”


I’m excited to announce the new Elkhorn album today, a marked departure from the band’s catalog. The album sees the group return to a duo, but it’s far from familiar territory for the pair. Jettisoning the electric strings entirely, the upcoming On The Whole Universe In All Directions finds the band’s Drew Gardner return to his jazz roots, weaving a tapestry of vibraphone among the acoustic nests built up by Jesse Sheppard. The pieces grew out of a set they’d done for the Psychedelic Sangha series of guided meditations. While in the studio among Drew’s assembled instruments the idea struck for some vibraphone and 12-string duets and the pieces began to flow forth from the pair. Percussion overdubs added shape and shade, but at its core this is a record that’s built from their time locked in the room. Of the shift, Sheppard notes, “a lot of our music is about foreground and background and playing with those elements. But on this album everything is both foreground and background at the same time.”

“North is the entry point to the album, a song that sounds like what might be an offering from a previous outing. Jesse’s strums wrap around the speakers but stop short, letting the reverberation of the vibes ring and ruminate. The piece builds, slow and sanguine, letting the scorch of Drew’s electrics fade away from view, inviting a new tangle that ripples like liquid and shimmers like glass. The new album is out April 7th on Centripetal Force, April 14th from Cardinal Fuzz. The band is also about to embark on a short tour culminating at the venerable Milwaukee Psych Fest and starting Upstate NY at an RSTB sponsored show at Tubby’s in Kingston. Dates below. Drew has also made an accompanying primer of vibraphone inspirations for the record, posted as a mixtape HERE.

Tues, March 28 – Tubby’s, Kingston
Sun, April 9 – People’s Center, Philly
Mon, May 1 – The Tradesman, NYC
Tues, May 2 – Brillobox, Pittsburgh
Wed, May 3 – New Ghosts, Cleveland
Thurs, May 4 – Reverberation, Bloomington IL
Fri, May 5 – Hungry Brain, Chicago
Sat, May 6 – Milwaukee Psych Fest

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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