David Christian & The Pinecone Orchestra – “In My Hermit Hours”


Honestly I’m a bit surprised that it took this long for David Christian (or Feck if you will) to make a solo album. Comet Gain has always been driven by his own impulses, winding from punk to folk at will, but the jubilant atmosphere of the band nabs a feeling of community that shines through any genre change. On his own, or rather with the group of friends he’s dubbed The Pinecone Orchestra, which includes members of The Clientele, 18th Day of May, Teenage Fanclub, Hanging Stars, and sure, Comet Gain, he’s created something of a plush folk-rock reverie. I’m a sucker for any allusions to The Jabobites, and with Christian’s tipping of Robspierre’s Velvet Basement as a touchstone, the scrambling to hit the wishlist is quick. Album opener “In My Hermit Hours” swaggers into that unbuttoned glory of that album, reclining in the sun on its strums before it adds sunny harmonies from bandmate Anne-Laure Guillain. The new album arrives November 19th from Tapete.

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