Abronia – “What We Can See”


The first single from Abronia’s third LP is a slippery bit of psychedelia. Eastern-tinged guitars set the track along strange Ley Lines — working through the slinking sounds of Erkin Koray, the mood ringed mercurial nature of ‘60s jazz-psych like 50 Foot Hose, and the coiled intensity of Flower Travellin’ Band in the moments before their fury is unleashed. Polyrythms pulse under the clang of guitars slashed with soot and scraped by sand. That rhythmic pulse is central to what drives “What We Can See.” It undulates through the song, moving the body in hypnotic response. Meanwhile, Keelin Mayer’s vocals are a strident force, commanding, soaring over the psychedelic torrents below like a call to action. The new record, Map of Dawn, is out May 20th from Feeding Tube Records.

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