Yellow Wallpaper – “Maximum Bats”


The dip in live shows hits home for lots of artists, but on another level it also takes away a means of musical discovery for fans. I miss the glut of posters. I’ve always loved posters as a means of music discovery. Sharing a bill with someone I love usually leads to a nice musical connection and this one came from a great connection off of Robert Beaty, rockin’ some Kentucky noise and sharing a bill with fellow Lexington band Yellow Wallpaper. The band has a handful of singles out and makes a live debut this week, but the thrust of their sound can be felt in the video for “Maximum Bats”. Scraped clean with a Midwest noise-punk sound, the band brings to mind Pere Ubu, Screamers, or newer outfits like Uranium Club. A brittle beat and guitars that churn, but the focus remains the absolutely shredded urgency of singer Sidney’s vocals. The video boasts effects from Beatty as well, giving it a grimy, UHF broadcast quality. Gonna have to keep an eye on Lexington for this one, but if you’re down their now hit up the band’s debut at The Green Lantern on Feb 5th. Seems like a scorcher.

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