Winter McQuinn – “Agent Apple Orange”


Bit of a fun one this morning out of Australia from Winter McQuinn. The Sunfruits front man has a solo jaunt coming out on Third Eye Stimuli and the first single is a summer sun jangler that’s soaked in a bit of Ayers/ Syd wobble. “Agent Apple Orange” is a faded frolic through the kind of psych pop riffs and salt-scrubbed melodies that might appeal to fans of The Babe Rainbow, Joe Ghatt or Lucille Furs. With a quick slip into the melted pop territory, McQuinn pins his hooks to a swelter of effects that let it sparkle without overrunning the simple joys of a sprint of strums and hums. The accompanying video gives things a day off romp feeling, shot by Sam McGilp with animations by McQunn and Acacia Coates laid over the top. A Rabble of Bees is out April 30th.

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