Wet Tuna – “Sweet Chump Change”


Big news today as RSTB faves Wet Tuna announce a new album on the way from the mighty Three Lobed. If your ears were perked you may have caught a track this weekend on Jeff Conklin’s Trailhead show on WVKR. This morning Matt let’s another one out of the pack with the dubbed-funk tumble of “Sweet Chump Change.” While the band has largely been Matt Valentine (MV & EE, Tower Recordings) and Pat Gubler (P.G. Six, Garcia Peoples) this time Pat’s missing from the roster and the band moves from the charred cedar psychedelics of their post-Crazy Horse inclinations and into a new, slipperier slalom that lodges itself somewhere between the ozone blues of Tuna’s past and the midnight radio tessellations of Matt’s last solo record. The organ comes on like a silken intro to A Tribe Called Quest before Matt’s free zone verse throws gum into the gears for a sticky n’ slick bout of psych-funk. The toasted axe still makes an appearance, but underneath the rubber sheet beats this time.

Matt offers up some words to try to capture the temperature of the air around Warping All By Yourself’s first single — “maple tapped & flambeau’d i was at the dawn on the front lines of the nu psychedelic folk scene circa mid 90’s & i’m still rollin’ it. sorry if you ain’t livin’ to talk about it. i can’t give you anythin’ but sweet. outrage fatigue inner peace.” While Pat’s out of the mix, a few other friends pop in on the record, with RSTB regulars Samara Lubelski, Erika “EE” Elder, Mick Flower and Doc Dunn on the roster. The new record arrives April 8th.

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