Wax Machine – “Shade”


Been in love with the sounds of Brighton’s Wax Machine since I heard them last year and its great news that they’re about to kick out a new LP for Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The band shares a lot of psychedelic DNA with Canadian carousers Badge Époque Ensemble, bridging folk, jazz, and psychedelia like a band dropped out of time. “Shade” is one of their best, laying down a velveteen slink of a groove and lacing it with flutes before diving deep into the vortex of echoplex perfection. While the band has a pretty hard tether to the ‘60s, they’re pulling the countercultural kernel forward to melt the madness of 2020. The band is pure vibe, an aura of cold humidity begging the body to slow down and sink in. The record was produced by Go Kurasawa from Kikagaku Moyo, and the like-minded psych warrior helps bring that aura to full glow. The record rises from the mists at BBiB on 3/20. Saxophone psych is 2019 in the rearview, full steam flute-psych for 2020.

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