Volksempfänger – “Attack of Sound”


More familiar under the name Bhajan Bhoy, Ajay Saggar swerves from the hive of drones and psychedelic haze for a project more rooted in pop than ever before. Along with Holly Habstritt, the pair form Volksempfänger. Propelled by locked-step rhythms and lost inside a cloud of gauze that pulls this towards dreampop without drowning in the genre’s niceties, the band let groove and grit lead the way. Shades of Suicide tangle with JAMC and Slowdive, losing the listener inside a womb of hypnotic thrum. The band’s debut, Attack of Sound, arrives in November as a split release between Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz, landing on the labels alongside another reissue of Bhajan Bhoy’s excellent back catalog. Check out the collaged delirium of the video for the title track above.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (UK) or HERE (US)

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