Vinyl Staircase – “Cherry”


Over here in The States, the rolodex of young British bands can sometimes go unchecked – people seem to get stuck in the old “if I can’t see ‘em who gives a crap” mentality. But weaving among the overhyped excess across the pond there are still plenty of young’uns with their hearts and guitars in the right place. Vinyl Staircases’ debut EP culls together four rather infectious tracks, with lead single “Cherry” leading the way. The track is wholeheartedly in the pocket ‘90s holdovers, but mixing their clans in a nice way, reimagining the Blur crowd mixing it up with The Dandy Warhols and BJM for a Britpop that swings a bit more paisley than mod. The track and vid are a whole lot of fun, and along with follow-up single “Dandelion Wine” the EP shows a band that’s got a lot more to give.

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