The Reds Pinks and Purples – “Don’t Come Home Too Soon”


Couldn’t be happier at the news that The Reds Pinks and Purples have a new LP on the way next year. The band, which spent years in chrysalis before coming to true fruition proper in 2019 has seen Glenn Donaldson tap into a well of bittersweet pop bliss that favors indie pop’s greyest skies. The last couple of albums have given sorrow a voice as grief seemed to fill the air culturally. The new record arrives none too soon as a split between Slumberland and Tough Love, and it picks up just where the the strains of Uncommon Weather left off. Sun-faded strums and lightly weeping keys bring “Don’t Come Home Too Soon” come sighing out of the speakers with Donaldson’s delivery as heart-heavy as ever. There may be no artist capturing the sting of regret better than Glenn these days and the song ranks among his best bummer-pop gems, building anticipation for more RPP in 2022. At Land’s End is out January 28th.

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