The Myrrors – “The Blood That Runs The Border”


After a caustic blast introduces the fourth album from Arizona’s Myrrors the band lays into the lyrical and tonal mood setter for Borderlands. “The Blood That Runs The Border“ is a heatstroke invocation to gods of the salt and sand. The title is particularly apt in an age of contentious nationalism that’s led to fierce protection of the imaginary (and very real) walls we conjure around ourselves. The Myrrors divine that no good will accompanies the lines in the sand we draw and they reflect back the feelings of desperation, denial and hackled defense that we pour into our plexiglass and concrete castles. The band often invokes images of nomadic travelers caked in the dust of their desert surroundings and parched as thirsty blacktop in the summer sun, so it’s only natural that they run afoul of systems built on borders.

Giving some insight to the track the band confirms, “The Blood That Runs the Border” is actually an old live standard that for whatever reason never translated into a recording until now, a time in which the issues of manufactured frontiers and the human cost of xenophobic immigration controls are perhaps more immediate than ever before. Destroy all borders, tear down all walls and the governments that build them! In a sense this track actually sowed the seeds for the entire record, from its subject matter to our conscious effort to more accurately capture the sound of The Myrrors in its current live incarnation.”

The track, along with the rest of Borderlands ably achieve a closer communion with the band’s live sound, feeling looser and wilder than they have on any album up to this. Check it out below and put the record on your radar for August.

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