The Living Sky

Brand new psychedelic shiver out of Minneapolis this week under the name The Living Sky. The duo is comprised of Jason Millard and Matthew Himes, both of whom have circled around the local Home and Garden and Lighten Up sounds labels under names like Glue Clinic and New Glue. Shedding some of their drone-dipped past for a more cosmic shake under the banner of The Living Sky, the band hones in on organ incantations and psych-folk ceremonies. With the ground bones of Vanishing Voice, Brightblack Morning Light, Pocahaunted, and Headdress smeared across the tape heads, this one seeks the pre-dawn hours.

The pair court the campfire light, with hand drums padding softly beneath their call and response, flutes curling around the cedar smoke, and guitars that melt through the layers of the mind. The record dips back to the boom of ’04 when the cosmic shake infected two dozen tape labels all trying to court that shamanic light. While there’s been no shortage of cosmic strains of late, they’ve been hitting the country corners and Americana caverns, its nice to get back to the deep woods dank once in a while. Like Prana Crafter diving straight into the psych-folk heart, the pair are divining a free folk form that will always have a home around here. The debut is limited to a crop of 50, so if you’re looking to get on the Walkman, best act fast.

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