The Cool Greenhouse – “Hard Rock Potato”


One of the UK’s most acerbic is back at it again. Cool Greenhouse shaved the eardrums clean with their eponymous LP a few years back and it looks like the interim has done nothing to soften their senses. “Hard Rock Potato” takes the listener on a post-punk head trip, riding on a roughshod riff but coming from surreal angles with the Tom Greenhouse’s vocals pulling moisture out of the air like Ron Popeil on a bender. But wait, there’s more! Contrasting the brittle guitars, the squelch saturated keys bounce around the headspace with a dizzying elasticity. It’s hard to work psych and post-punk in tandem, but the band seem to be making the mash work seamlessly. Their new album, Sod’s Toastie, is out November 11th from Melodic Records.

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