The Cool Greenhouse – “Get Unjaded”


Throw a brick and you’ll find a post-punk band talk-singing over wire-strung riffs, but most of the time the mood is dour and the band’s demeanor is set to ‘brood.’ Not so for UK outfit The Cool Greenhouse, who have tensile riffs and the vocal patter in place but with a winking humor and lack of self-seriousness that throws the end-stage saturation of social culture and capitalism under the wheels where they belong. “Get Unjaded” might be the best representation of this balance of brittle and buoyant yet. The band pulls from the same well of winks that made up early offerings from Parquet Courts, before they got cozy on daytime talk shows. The song burrows its way deep into the skull, tattooing that drumbeat on the grey matter with a steady hand. The band’s sophomore album, Sod’s Toastie is out November 11th on Melodic Records.

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