The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness


Spanish jangle-pop outfit The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness return for a third round and it’s another stunner packed with hooks and an impeccable sense of pop ennui. The band does its best to envelop a health cross-section of ‘90s strains captured in the pop trifecta – indie, power, and jangle. As they have in the past, the band flips the dial left to let the college music directors swoon, a record that’s perfected its tip-of-the-toungue homage to classic pop pining. With a soft touch they can easliy recall the star crossed comforts of East River Pipe, the caffeinated crunch of Velvet Crush, or the more sincere moments of Fountains of Wayne. The band has clearly spent time crawling backward from there, imbuing their being with backlogs of Sarah singles and Flamin’ Groovies before they got enamored with The Stones.

There’s a bit of the South Hemi jangle in their sound as well, shades of The Bats and The Chills certainly work their way into The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, but the band works seamlessly with their stitches on the past. All of those pieces build the album, but its hard to pick one patch of fabric out of the quilt they create. Instead, The Third Wave Of… becomes a joyous celebration of pop heartbeats. It’s an earnest record in love with pop, in thrall the to the idea of lodging an earworm in the listener’s brain. Between the strums and skitter of drums, behind the creamery rich harmonies, this is an album that’s refuses to hide it’s desire to make you smile and sigh at the same time.

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