The Black Angels – “Currency”


Four years on from their last album, The Black Angels return with the promise of a new LP, and from the sounds of “Currency” it’s a very true return to the qualities that burnt them into the souls of so many in the heyday of Passover. “Currency” has a deep cut burn to it, slung low and loose, crawling into the room with true menace in its eyes. The song’s capitalistic subject matter feels like a vital strike in a year when morality’s price seems as subjective as ever, but even prescience doesn’t snag attention away from the atmosphere that the Angels conjur. Though lyrically cutting, the band has always been able to command a room with their ability to summon darkness at a moment’s notice. Their dessert sweat seeps into every crevice on this track, soaking it in an almost sensually ominous swagger. The band remains at the top of psych’s pantheon, and with this track they plunge a knife deep into the wood of any argument that would wager otherwise.

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