The Apples in Stereo – Science Faire


This one is too good not to mention. Basically the impetus, the spark of life of the Elephant 6 rests in this release. E6-001 is The Apples’ (as they were known then) first EP, Tidal Wave (though really its just an eponymous EP). This is the seed that built an empire without walls. E6, for those that couldn’t get enough resurgent psychedelia in the ’90s, brought back a homegrown and humming version of the chiming, fuzzed, chatchy-as-hell and slightly freaked out version of the ’60s that we never got to experience. Robert Schneider’s adhoc collective, that would become a label/not label began here and would eventually sprout the Olivia Tremor Controls, Neutral Milk Hotels and Circulatory Systems that would burn just as bright as that first EP, if not brighter. But his is where it started. I grabbed this, now sorely out of print CD in the late ’90s and it was one of the introductions to the family of Elephants, that begat a longtime obsession.

Science Faire culled together the eponymous Apples EP, The Hypnotic Suggestion EP on Bus Stop Records, a split with OTC on Small-Fi, a split with Sportsguitar, and a split with The Heartworms. All of these are restored into a 7″ box that replicates the original art and tactile feel of the originals on their intended short form format. There are a ton of other inserts reproduced from the original runs here, as would befit any product produced by Chunklet. The label has been instrumental in getting some of the early and seminal E6 material back into print and its clear that the original members trust Owings with their legacy. This box is full of Apples gems that speak to the long run that Schneider and co. had, perfecting the jangly, fuzzed nugget for all it was worth. There are a lot of reissues in any given year, but few have this kind of attention to detail and connection to the source material. This one’s on the essential list, for sure.

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