Tacsidermi & Sister Wives – “O Fy Nghof “


Another one that got swept away in the year-end wrap and long break for the holidays. Sheffield’s Sister Wives have been bubbling under with a haunted psych-scratched pop over the last year and I’ve just been catching up in the past few weeks. The band teams up with UK duo Tacsidermi for a pair of tracks that grace a very limited lathe-cut single. Each band in the collaboration wrote music, then swapped tracks with the other to write and record lyrics for each other’s compositions. Shrouded with a coven-clouded appeal both tracks are standouts in the bands’ catalogs but “O Fy Nghof” buzzes with an intensity that’s hard to miss. Locked drums push against fuzz bass and a swirl of keys, while the vocals circle the whirlpool to great effect. The single is out now on Libertino Records. Nab that lathe if you can, but the singles pop up where you consume digital as well.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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