Chris McVicker’s gauzy power pop may have slipped under your radar in the last few years. His first album, the sorely underrated Don’t Trip came out via Holy Mountain, more known for stoner metal than clean lines and upbeat sparkle. In the interim he’s let slip a few singles that also can’t help but put a sly smile on your face, bouncing out of the speakers on springs and pushing the clouds aside every time. So its great news that a second album is finding its way into the world on Melters.

Everybody Loves Chris follows along the path he’s trodden previously, dotting the album with some effervescent pop hooks but never getting caught in making that the sole focus. For every bit of jangle and every candy coated chorus there’s a track that’s caked in thick froth, shrouding any trace of sunny pop and finding joy in the dark corners of his catalog. The album twists itself into knots that earworm straight to your brain and take root. McVicker’s pop vision seems like the kind of album that would have reviewers flocking, a fucked pop nugget that can’t be contained or pinned down. Hopefully this time it’ll push through the surface and find that audience that it deserves.

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