Sweat – “Dark Horses (White Lies)”


I’ve still got a soft spot for bands that wholeheartedly lean into the sound of bygone eras, hell so much so that I made an entire mixtape recently that was rife with band’s that embraced the ‘70s. Pittsburgh’s Sweat would fit right into the bunch, a group high on the glam-dipped drama of the era — combining the guitar flash of Townsend, the harmonies of Heart, and the proggier impulses of The Moody Blues, with just a touch of Boston’s Teflon exterior. What makes “Dark Horses (White Lies)” so enticing is how the band leans in without reservation to this aesthetic. They’re not alluding to the extravagance, they’re embracing it. That its over-the-top is the point and the pull. It’s the kind of sound that pulls me right back into the backseat of the car growing up in the Midwest. The band’s debut Who Do They Think They Are? is out May 26th from Tee Pee Records.

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