Stephen Bailey – “The Holder”

This one caught my ear yesterday but I didn’t have time to get it up properly. Shame on me for not paying attention to the solo works of Stephen Bailey. The songwriter has been working more often as the frontman Mt. Mountain, a favorite of the site, and his latest finds him wandering nicely into country psych territory. “The Holder” is a crisp collared jangler that bends through the Cosmic American prism. Bailey soars over the strums with a vocal delivery that captures the cusp of ‘70s songwriters. While he tips his cap to J.J. and the Burritos, his elevation of Bobby Charles seems more on target, filtered through other cult favorites like Billy Nicholls or Gene Clark, embracing an ambitious vista with a bedrock of weather-beaten ease. The album, G.G. RiderCosm, is out November 25th from Third Eye Stimuli.

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